My Honest Review of Da’Dude Best Beard Oil For Men like me with fuzzy beards

Those who grow facial hair, count it on the rule that men generally have higher levels of testosterone than women. While there is an increasing number of men

shaving, waxing and even use laser to lessen their facial hair, I feel growing a beard is a unique identity that only men can claim.

But growing a beard has its challenges such  as dry and itchy skin, and growing stubbles are rough and coarse. Beards could also become unruly and difficult to groom. I have

used different beard oil to help me groom my precious facial hair, but I still have to see one that is perfect for me.

Best beard oil by da'Dude

Someone asked me to try the best Da’Dude Beard Oil for Men. It is a fairly new product and I was hesitant to use it. I did my homework and searched for reviews and I was pleasantly

surprised to find very positive feedback from those who have tried it. I am impressed with this beard oil. The itchiness was instantly gone and my beard fells

soft and smells pleasant. I could even feel my skin texture improving. The balanced combination of the different oils have worked together to give you a clean and smooth

beard with a nice gentle scent.

I like it best because it contains Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, better known as Argan Oil. This is considered as a super-ingredient for skin care because it contains high levels of

antioxidants, essential fatty acids and natural vitamin E. It is said that compared to other natural oil, Argan oil contain three times more anti-aging Vitamin E. No wonder my skin

feels and looks great too.

I am using this product now daily and have bade goodbye to my “face fuzz” problem. Keeping my beard in top shape has become so easy.


New Book From VARBERG Frisörer Gives Excellent Tips For Fashionistas

Frisorer VarbergIt can be funny how hair fashion is repeated. For a long time I was perfectly comfortable with my stick straight hair. It did the trick perfectly for countless hairstyles. I had pity for the girl who needed to spend seemingly hours looking at her reflection and styling her thin hair. Curly and wavy locks are so popular at this time. If your hair is as by nature rigid as mine, you are likely to do just about anything to get those beautiful big waves. Sometimes the beauty process has to start the night before, like cosmetics cleaner or a mask.

This really is a fantastic way to put curls in your hair minus the damaging impact of high heat. That is certainly correct! No styling curler is required for this lovely hair style. This guide from Aunie Sauce is a great, original, all natural way to get those waves you desire. Give it a shot and let me know exactly how it worked for you. I wouldn’t be certain whether it will work best with thicker hair, thin hair, wavy or straight. In case your hair is at present curly you might never use your headscarf back.

Here is another video from VARBERG Frisörer about hair wax that you will find interesting.

Best hair Wax 2015 review

My recommendation for the best styling wax for men  is Da’Wax.